Blog Entry 1

22 09 2011

My name is Andre Tart and I have created this blog as a chance to explore the changes of this modern society and how they have shaped the way that people interact with one another.

I was inspired to make this blog about communication because of a sociology class that I currently have. You see, in this class, we discuss how different cultures can be from one another; from speech to rituals to holidays, we were covering it all. However what interested me was an article we had to read about the use of the word gay. The main point of the article was to figure out why kids today use that word to indicate something is “stupid” or “dumb.” Even though the word means “a male who is attracted to other males,” the current state of its use today has intrigued me. Why use a word that can be very offensive as a synonym for words that have no corrolation its real meaning??

So within the realms of the modern generation, many words, phrases and actions have been created in order to a sense of acceptance. Its come to be that if you dont know these handshakes, or if you dont know how to talk to a girl, or if you dont know how to give a simple head nod as a “whats up” gesture, then you dont fit into society and you arent welcomed. Well there is much more idea to my philosophy. I hope you give your opinions!!!





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