Basketball Slang

23 09 2011

Soo while I was talking to my friend from my old highschool about basketball. I have grown up loving the game and know all the terminology that goes with it. Our conversation went a little like this:

“So when you get in the key you need wait for the help defense to come then you dish it out for a shot”

“Well I still dont get no dimes even if I do dish it out, so why should I?”

“Because you need to trust your teammates and trust that they can make the right choice, whether it be pullin up for the jay, or driving or dishing.”

“But I can cross the defense and create my own lane to the basket!!”


The conversation continued like this. But I started to think about what other people thought of our conversation that just happened to listen in. These people were just random people walking by. They didnt play basketball or know much about basketball. So as I watched the reactions of people that didnt know really what my friend and I were saying, I chuckled inside. I found it amusing that people couldnt understand something I was saying that I thought was so simple to understand. I guess if you dont grow up loving the game like I did or even just learning the game, then you wont understand the “lingo” that comes with it. Do you understand? Where and who did this basketball lingo come from? How was it created? Someone please explain to me where they think it came from. Thanks.

                                                                                                                          -Peace out




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