Gestures Today

30 09 2011

Understanding the way we communicate with one another is an aquired skill that we, as children, learn as we grow up.

Today, when people first see each other, they often say, “What’s up,” and then it is followed by a gesture. The gesture depends on the sex of the people. If it is a guy and a guy, then we often see a hand slap and fist bump. If it is a girl and a girl, we see hugging. If it is a girl and a guy, we also see hugging. This may seem like a completely normal gesture to us, but to people in other societies, this can seem “ghetto” or may seem like a rude gesture. I think this shows how if you grow up in a certain society, some things may be deemed, “appropriate.” But it is only inappropriate to some who didn’t grow up in that same society.

Gestures in the society we live in can be interpreted by some as sexual. I feel that people of the older generation are less comfortable with their children recieving hugs from others children, especially if they are of the opposite sex. It is more likely than not that the older generation was used to giving all people they came in contact with a nice handshake. This is how they saw politeness.

I think that the times we live in have changed drastically. The line of what is moral and not has almost disappeared. I’m not saying that we need to make a change back to the former ways of society, but my main point is that the gestures this modern society have deemed as appropriate, may not be very acceptable for kids to be doing.





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8 12 2011

You have some good points in your blog and I find it to be very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work!

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