Words Have New Meanings

6 10 2011

You are gay.

Does this offend you? It probably should if you are gay or not. Words such as these are developing much deeper meanings in today’s society. Instead of just meaning one thing, words nowadays often have more than one significance. Many people today describe gay as their way of saying: stupid, dumb, retarded, messed up, bad etc. But does it occur to them that these words are not at all what it means?

The dictionary describes it as this: a word that is primarily used to refer to a male or female whose sexual orientation is attraction to persons of the same-sex. Now this is certainly not the definition of “stupid” or “dumb.”

Like the use of the word “gay,” today we see the use of many other words that are used with completely distorted meanings. Another one of these words that has in recent years come to the forefront is the word “tool.” Now when you hear this word, what is your immediate thought? It’s just an instrument of help or of manual operation. Am I right? It is ridiculous that people nowadays and saying, “Oh that guys is such a tool” or “What a tool!” If you think about it, the meaning of this sentence should be, “Oh that guy is such great help!” Did you know that there is a band call Tool? So maybe they are saying, “Oh that guy is such an American rock band!” Sound stupid doesn’t it? Well this is how the modern generations are finding ways of using words such as “gay” and “tool.”

I stumble across this website that deals with slang. In it there are a bunch of words that have different definitions. Some of them are sexual, and some of them having completely random meanings. This website just comes to show how in the world we live in today, people just make new meanings up for words and everybody comes to accept the new meaning instead of saying, “No it doesn’t mean that.” Take for example this new meaning I just came up with for lightbulb:

Now that ive established this new meaning, all I have to do is get it out there, and it will mean donut. Now people will start saying, “Can you screw in that new donut I bought because my donut is dim.” And the new joke will be, “How many blonds does it take to screw in a donut?” Sound very unpleasant and silly doesn’t it? Well this is what people are doing when they attempt to make new meanings for certain words. Making a lightbulb equal a donut.


To sum it all up, people use many words for many different things. Doing this recreation of meaning has had an immediate effect on everyone. We tend to use the word, without know exactly what we are saying. Whats the solution you might ask. Well actively researching certain words would definitely help in not using those words incorrectly. However, only you have the power to express yourself and choose the words you use. You can choose to use these words that no one knows really where the meaning came for, or you can choose to express the actual meaning of the word correctly.

                                                       -Good riddance




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