Cussing up a Storm

14 10 2011

Back in the day, there was a time when almost every teenager and little kid never let a dirty word slip through their lips. It was almost a crime to say a bad word. Nowadays teens cuss up a storm daily. Bad words have become a part of their vocabulary. I have even heard kids as young as ten years old use “adult” language! I find that as time goes on, the world finds certain things to be deemed acceptable, when they use to not be acceptable. Such as the cussing issue. Cussing is still not allowed in certain aspects of life. For example on tv programs. Check out this interview with Shaq and notice how the interviewer tries to get him to not cuz…with no success.

I found it funny how Shaq responds to him, but we can see from this that in some situations, cussing is not allowed. Even though most people dont care about cussing or about who hears them cus, we have some people that will catch themselves and realize they shouldnt have said it. Take this interview of Andrew Bynum.

Andrew Bynum realized that he made a mistake by using that certain word on live tv. So some people still have a sense of value when it comes to knowing when you can use these words and when you cannot. While teens and kids still use these words, I often question where it came from. How did it come to be so prevalent that teens/young kids incorporate ways to use bad words into their vocabulary? Well I say that it comes from the household they live in. I feel that parents today set a bad example for their kids by using bad words. When kids see parents do something, they want to copy it. So it seems like a pretty obvious reason for all of the cussing kids going around.

Solutions? Well the only solution I see is to set matters straight in the homes. Parents need to watch their language when they are around their kids and set a good example for them. That is one solution. Something that goes along with that is disciple. If I had a kid and I heard him/her cuss, he would be getting it, if you know what I mean. But anyways, thats all for now!





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