The Silent Treatment

21 10 2011

Everybody is familiar with the silent treatment. However, what some people do not understand is that this is a form a communication. I find the silent treatment as one of the most powerful forms to get a point across.

For example, when you do something wrong and a parent does not talk to you. Sometimes the silent treatment can go ono for days (if you have done something that the parent really disapproved of). It makes you feel like you are abandoned. Also you do not want to have this feeling anymore. Then you just beg the parent to talk to you.

In this above example, what was the benefit of the silent treatment? Well one thing it did was that it helped the child that did a bad thing to realize what he/she did wrong. Secondly, it made him/her think about what they did, helping them to not make that same mistake twice. So in this silent treatment case, saying nothing was more powerful than saying nothing.

The reason why I bring this silent treatment topic up is because even though this seems like a little bump in the road in the field of the communication field, many people abuse the silent treatment. Take for example this video:

I agree that this is a hilarious video. The man in the video using the “silent treatment” gets a kick out of it, playing a practical joke on this employee. However, the use of it in this type of context takes away from the greater usage of it.

Case in point, there is a right way to use the silent treatment believe it or not. Some people choose to use it the right way, and others choose to misuse it.




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