28 10 2011

Linguistics is the scientific study of human language.

Many people do not know the definition of this word. Linguistics is the basis for speech. Without it we would live in a world where none of us could communicate or know what to do. We would just be mindlessly wandering around, kind of like zombies, having no purpose for living.

As we can see in this picture here, they do not have the intentions of fulfilling a purpose.

So from this illustration of “people would be zombies without linguistics” we can see that this world is in utter need of it.

I have always wondered where we got out language, or where it came from. So I did some research and stumbled upon this website that had five theories in which language could have come from. All these theories were very interesting to me, because I personally believe that God created us with the ability to speak and to be capable to learn.  The reason I mentioned this website was because I wanted to show how confused some people are when it comes to subjects like these.

Even though people are confused and become flustered when asked about certain subjects as these, some scientist understand the importance of what we have today, such as linguistics. The founder of Aaron Wall blogged about linguistics that, “Looking through economic history and the history of linguistics enables you to realize opportunities when others are not being honest or consistent in their policies, and it helps you form an argument which enables you to sound logical and reasonable while reframing the debate at an appropriate time. ”

I completely agree with Aaron because this world works through the means of logical thinking. If we are left without logical thinking, we would be in a world of trouble. So linguistics is what makes this world what it is, and without it, us human beings would be nothing.




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