Public Education

13 11 2011

The effect of public education on language today is huge. English class teaches kids essential skills. Some of the things I can think of that are taught in english class are: how to do research, how to document a paper, how to summarize, how to write an introduction, how to write a hook and how to edit/revise a paper. There are so many more things to english then these mentioned here. However, what effect does public education have on modern language today?

Well for the most part, education of language in public schools not greatly affected how people talk. In public education systems such as English class, a person learns what a teacher calls “proper” english. In this current society, though, this language learned in the classroom is not taken out of the classroom. Aside from the english classes that kids are enrolled in, they are involved in speaking the language that is learned through daily interaction with other kids(slang). There is a definite difference between proper english and slang. The language that is spoken outside of the classroom is more “attractive” to use because it presents a looser and more free-flowing way to communicate. Proper english is not like that at all and this is why it is not taken out of the classroom.

Slang is used much more than proper english. The times when proper english is used is during public speeches. These include times when the speaker need a notecards or an outline of his/her speech. So during this time, they are not speaking freely without thought. All of what they are saying/going to say has been thought out before hand. Since they simply read off of their notecards and outlines they do not need to speak in slang. Slang is used basically at every other moment in the day. Education today has tried to change the way kids view the world and to give them insight into important facts and information. But the public education of english/language has not had much effect on the current slang of American children.

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