Mass Media has a huge effect on us

2 12 2011

Before I begin this post it would be fit to read this definition of mass media, as I will be talking about it throughout this post.

Thank you for reading that. So the question that I want you to keep in mind is: to what extent does mass media affect our society?

First there was the telegraph, then the radio, then newspapers and magazines, television and now the internet. At each stage in history, mass media has always had an immediate effect on people. What is effected in the human life by the mass media? All three of these can be based on what we know for a fact, but these are the three biggest things I feel are effected the most by mass media:

1. Decisions – A persons decisions depend on what they believe to be right. The media pushes so many things on us, and they do it repetitively. Having to listen/hear the same thing over and over can in grain into ones brain what is right or wrong. We all make decisions daily, and the media can help us to make that decision. Consider the very near holiday, Christmas. We all are out shopping and looking for the best things to buy and the cheapest things to buy. How do we know what is a great deal? We know, or think we know, what the best prices and deals are because of advertisements and commercials. These advertisements and commercials lead us to think that a certain product presents that best money-saving deal out on the market.

Many people wake up in the morning and turn on the news. Perhaps they may look at the weather to see what decision they should make when it comes to choosing the proper clothing. Mass media provides the channels for you so that you know which decision is the right decision. Another way mass media influences our decisions is scarcity. The media influences decisions frequently by using slogans like “limited editions” and “members only clubs.” Likewise the media tries to make it seem like you are missing out on something if you don’t commit to this, that or the other by using time sensitive ads, fear of loss of opportunity, or having to compete. Our decisions are greatly shaped by the mass media.

2. Beliefs – Mass media affects what we believe to be true or false. All in mainstream media, it is obvious to see many biased or one-way attitudes towards certain subjects. For example, shows on tv are watched by millions of people in which that show promotes racist, sexist, or prejudice views. While those people watching that show are not the actual people in the show being racist, sexist, or prejudice, they do in effect begin to adopt some of those views and morals.

3. Values – Values are greatly effected due to mass media. One of the biggest things I feel that has effected our American culture is beauty. Everyone in today’s American society is so obsessed with looking good, hot, or sexy. This has been because of mass media pushing people and saying, “In order to be accepted by people, you have to look good.” Most actors, models, or superstars are always shown “at their best” when they are shown in a picture or a video. It is hard to live up to that social value of “looking good” because it is nearly impossible to look good all the time.

This is a good video that I felt sums up this post.

-Good day to you




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