Cussing up a Storm

14 10 2011

Back in the day, there was a time when almost every teenager and little kid never let a dirty word slip through their lips. It was almost a crime to say a bad word. Nowadays teens cuss up a storm daily. Bad words have become a part of their vocabulary. I have even heard kids as young as ten years old use “adult” language! I find that as time goes on, the world finds certain things to be deemed acceptable, when they use to not be acceptable. Such as the cussing issue. Cussing is still not allowed in certain aspects of life. For example on tv programs. Check out this interview with Shaq and notice how the interviewer tries to get him to not cuz…with no success.

I found it funny how Shaq responds to him, but we can see from this that in some situations, cussing is not allowed. Even though most people dont care about cussing or about who hears them cus, we have some people that will catch themselves and realize they shouldnt have said it. Take this interview of Andrew Bynum.

Andrew Bynum realized that he made a mistake by using that certain word on live tv. So some people still have a sense of value when it comes to knowing when you can use these words and when you cannot. While teens and kids still use these words, I often question where it came from. How did it come to be so prevalent that teens/young kids incorporate ways to use bad words into their vocabulary? Well I say that it comes from the household they live in. I feel that parents today set a bad example for their kids by using bad words. When kids see parents do something, they want to copy it. So it seems like a pretty obvious reason for all of the cussing kids going around.

Solutions? Well the only solution I see is to set matters straight in the homes. Parents need to watch their language when they are around their kids and set a good example for them. That is one solution. Something that goes along with that is disciple. If I had a kid and I heard him/her cuss, he would be getting it, if you know what I mean. But anyways, thats all for now!



Words Have New Meanings

6 10 2011

You are gay.

Does this offend you? It probably should if you are gay or not. Words such as these are developing much deeper meanings in today’s society. Instead of just meaning one thing, words nowadays often have more than one significance. Many people today describe gay as their way of saying: stupid, dumb, retarded, messed up, bad etc. But does it occur to them that these words are not at all what it means?

The dictionary describes it as this: a word that is primarily used to refer to a male or female whose sexual orientation is attraction to persons of the same-sex. Now this is certainly not the definition of “stupid” or “dumb.”

Like the use of the word “gay,” today we see the use of many other words that are used with completely distorted meanings. Another one of these words that has in recent years come to the forefront is the word “tool.” Now when you hear this word, what is your immediate thought? It’s just an instrument of help or of manual operation. Am I right? It is ridiculous that people nowadays and saying, “Oh that guys is such a tool” or “What a tool!” If you think about it, the meaning of this sentence should be, “Oh that guy is such great help!” Did you know that there is a band call Tool? So maybe they are saying, “Oh that guy is such an American rock band!” Sound stupid doesn’t it? Well this is how the modern generations are finding ways of using words such as “gay” and “tool.”

I stumble across this website that deals with slang. In it there are a bunch of words that have different definitions. Some of them are sexual, and some of them having completely random meanings. This website just comes to show how in the world we live in today, people just make new meanings up for words and everybody comes to accept the new meaning instead of saying, “No it doesn’t mean that.” Take for example this new meaning I just came up with for lightbulb:

Now that ive established this new meaning, all I have to do is get it out there, and it will mean donut. Now people will start saying, “Can you screw in that new donut I bought because my donut is dim.” And the new joke will be, “How many blonds does it take to screw in a donut?” Sound very unpleasant and silly doesn’t it? Well this is what people are doing when they attempt to make new meanings for certain words. Making a lightbulb equal a donut.


To sum it all up, people use many words for many different things. Doing this recreation of meaning has had an immediate effect on everyone. We tend to use the word, without know exactly what we are saying. Whats the solution you might ask. Well actively researching certain words would definitely help in not using those words incorrectly. However, only you have the power to express yourself and choose the words you use. You can choose to use these words that no one knows really where the meaning came for, or you can choose to express the actual meaning of the word correctly.

                                                       -Good riddance

Gestures Today

30 09 2011

Understanding the way we communicate with one another is an aquired skill that we, as children, learn as we grow up.

Today, when people first see each other, they often say, “What’s up,” and then it is followed by a gesture. The gesture depends on the sex of the people. If it is a guy and a guy, then we often see a hand slap and fist bump. If it is a girl and a girl, we see hugging. If it is a girl and a guy, we also see hugging. This may seem like a completely normal gesture to us, but to people in other societies, this can seem “ghetto” or may seem like a rude gesture. I think this shows how if you grow up in a certain society, some things may be deemed, “appropriate.” But it is only inappropriate to some who didn’t grow up in that same society.

Gestures in the society we live in can be interpreted by some as sexual. I feel that people of the older generation are less comfortable with their children recieving hugs from others children, especially if they are of the opposite sex. It is more likely than not that the older generation was used to giving all people they came in contact with a nice handshake. This is how they saw politeness.

I think that the times we live in have changed drastically. The line of what is moral and not has almost disappeared. I’m not saying that we need to make a change back to the former ways of society, but my main point is that the gestures this modern society have deemed as appropriate, may not be very acceptable for kids to be doing.


Basketball Slang

23 09 2011

Soo while I was talking to my friend from my old highschool about basketball. I have grown up loving the game and know all the terminology that goes with it. Our conversation went a little like this:

“So when you get in the key you need wait for the help defense to come then you dish it out for a shot”

“Well I still dont get no dimes even if I do dish it out, so why should I?”

“Because you need to trust your teammates and trust that they can make the right choice, whether it be pullin up for the jay, or driving or dishing.”

“But I can cross the defense and create my own lane to the basket!!”


The conversation continued like this. But I started to think about what other people thought of our conversation that just happened to listen in. These people were just random people walking by. They didnt play basketball or know much about basketball. So as I watched the reactions of people that didnt know really what my friend and I were saying, I chuckled inside. I found it amusing that people couldnt understand something I was saying that I thought was so simple to understand. I guess if you dont grow up loving the game like I did or even just learning the game, then you wont understand the “lingo” that comes with it. Do you understand? Where and who did this basketball lingo come from? How was it created? Someone please explain to me where they think it came from. Thanks.

                                                                                                                          -Peace out

Blog Entry 1

22 09 2011

My name is Andre Tart and I have created this blog as a chance to explore the changes of this modern society and how they have shaped the way that people interact with one another.

I was inspired to make this blog about communication because of a sociology class that I currently have. You see, in this class, we discuss how different cultures can be from one another; from speech to rituals to holidays, we were covering it all. However what interested me was an article we had to read about the use of the word gay. The main point of the article was to figure out why kids today use that word to indicate something is “stupid” or “dumb.” Even though the word means “a male who is attracted to other males,” the current state of its use today has intrigued me. Why use a word that can be very offensive as a synonym for words that have no corrolation its real meaning??

So within the realms of the modern generation, many words, phrases and actions have been created in order to a sense of acceptance. Its come to be that if you dont know these handshakes, or if you dont know how to talk to a girl, or if you dont know how to give a simple head nod as a “whats up” gesture, then you dont fit into society and you arent welcomed. Well there is much more idea to my philosophy. I hope you give your opinions!!!